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The deadline for contributions and advertisements will be December 15 (for the Winter issue), March 15 (for the Spring issue), May 15 (for the Summer issue), and September 15 (for the Fall issue). Articles of general interest are appreciated, and observations and opinions from the readership are welcome. Format for submissions in descending order of preference: email the editor at tlna.newsletter at, submit on disk as a text file, type, or handwrite. If you are a first-time contributor please include your name, address, and telephone number. Artwork is also wonderful! Keeping in mind that it will be reproduced in black and white, you are encouraged to submit pieces. Color photos are just fine. The newsletter is supported by its advertisers. If you are a reader, please show your appreciation by patronizing our neighborhood businesses. If you have a business yourself, the Neighborhood Association would appreciate your support as well. The newsletter has a circulation of 2,400 and the rates are quite modest.
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