What: Madison Dairy redevelopment steering group formation meeting
when: 7-9PM, Wed. Aug 13
Where: Constellation community room, 10 N. Livingston.

staff/officials steering group public attendees
David Waugh - Development Chair Marsha Canon, Sidney St Laura Simkin, N. Thornton
Alder Ledell Zellers Steven Maerz, E. Mifflin Bob Klebba, E. Gorham
TLNA President, Joe Lusson Deborah Boehm, E. Dayton Krys Wachowik, Curtis Court

Kristen Tomaszewski, Ingersoll

Perry Blanchard, N. Blount
  Jeff Reinke, Curtis Ct Patrick Waterman, Sidney
  Patty Prime, Sidney Sarah Waterman, Sidney
  Michael Parks, N. Brearly Jesse Pycha-Holst, Jenifer
  John Belknap, Curtis Court Richard Linster, Sidney
  Pat Kelly, E. Mifflin Curt Brink, E. Wash business owner
  Rebecca and Evan, E. Mifflin Shannon Sparks, E. Mifflin
  Pat Heck, N. Blount Johnny Hunter, resident and business owner


7-7:15 introductions
7:15-7:30 Neighborhood Association development process overview: David
7:30-7:45 City development process: alder Zellers
7:45-8:00 Overview of city and neighborhood plans for this parcel: David
8-8:15 Review of Stonehouse land use proposal:David
8:15-8:45: Issues brainstorming
8:45-9:00: next steps

For issues brainstorming, we went around and folks articulated concerns as well as positive aspects of this development. These were written down on large sheets of paper. After the brainstorming, participants were then given 6 sticky dots and asked to vote for 3 positive and 3 concerns by placing their dots next to the issues most important to them. Obviously, the vote tallies should be equal but it is likely a couple of partipants did not understand and cast all their votes for concerns.

Brainstorming sheets        
voting chart voting chart voting chart voting chart voting chart

Issues sheets tabulated

  concern votes     positive vote
1  Not enough parking 17 1 Housing supports school 16
2 Traffic flow into the neighborhood (NH) including concern about entrance/exit on Ingersoll/Brearly 15 2 Affordable housing 10
3 Noise from people getting to cars parked in NH/ Noise from people walking/biking in NH 14 3 Active streetscape 7
4 TIF hurts school funding 10 4 Good to develop a vacant block 7
5 Diminishing viability of bike blvd...cars using bike blvd 9 5 LEED certification 7
6 Height creep - (didn't say how tall is too tall) 5 6 Office building will bring (presumably) good jobs 5
7 Does not build community - community members may not be able afford venue…won’t be a general/open place to "gather" 4 7 Good to have activation of block even if not during the day...music venue and will have some during day…offices 4
8 Renters have different stake in NH...concern with further shift to people who don't really care about NH. Wants mix of rental and home ownership. 2 8 Stone House does a good job with their developments 3
9 Lack of living wage jobs (music venue is low wage) 2 9 Music venue will work with/serve NH and school 1
10 Risk of increased crime given alcohol service 2 10 Developer is environmentally motivated (indicated looking to apply for LEED certification)  
11 Increase in traffic - 2,500 people coming into this location 1 11 Parking may be shared w/ NH/other uses in area  
12 Negative impact of a theater on the desirability of the NH as a place to live 1     60
13 Project is too big 1
14 Recent buildings look like aircraft carriers – want good design  
15 Concert venue attendees parking in NH -- and many people don't have off street parking  
16 Proximity to school and increased traffic related to music venue  
17 Lack of concrete plans  
18 Street scape on E. Wash will be dead during the day given that theater use is evening  
19 Does not build the economy  
20 Buildings are too crowded together  
21 Lack of green space  
22 Competes with other music venues