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(Houden Proposal)

This development proposal is in neighborhood evaluation process and will encompass all 11 properties/buildings between 717 and 751/753 E. Johnson St., all on the south side of E. Johnson. A first proposal version was presented on Feb. 2, 2017, and has evolved. The Feb. 15 version includes renovating 3 existing multi-flat rental homes and demolishing 8 multi-flat rentals homes. The 8 to be demolished would be replaced with 3 apartment buildings, including three first-floor retail locations. Another retail location would be located in the first floor of the existing 3-story building at the corner of N. Livingston and E. Johnson. The 3 new buildings would have up to 80 parking stalls in a partially underground level with 3 to 4 floors of apartments above. A total of 80 apartments are proposed. An April 20 proposal revision included moving 3 more houses to lots elsewhere in Tenney-Lapham and a June 1 revision reduced the mass of the mezzanine level.

*** Note: A TLNA Steering Committee for evaluating this proposal has been meeting. On 29 June 2017 the Committee issued a summary report (see below). The development team presented a newly revised proposal to the Committee on 8 August 2017 (also available below). The Committee then issued a Supplementary Report to TLNA Council on 6 September 2017 (see below). At the Nov. 9 TLNA Council monthly meeting, Council is expected to hear from the development team and possibly consider any motions related to the proposal. ***

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    Developer: Chris Houden

    Architect: Tom Miller Kahler Slater, Inc.



    Developer's Renderings/Slides (all renderings are preliminary and subject to change):

    TLNA Steering Committee:


    Questions or comments? Contact TLNA's Development Chair Patrick Heck at pwheck at gmail.com

    Last updated 6 October 2017