Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association's Website for County Proposal on Messner Site

In 2015 Dane County purchased the 19,000 square foot Messner building at 1326 E. Washington Avenue as the future site of a permanent homeless day resource center. They also purchased 1314 and 1318 E. Washington. Since then the County and City agreed to instead site the resource center at 615 E. Washington Ave. In Feb. 2017 the County Board and County Executive approved a resolution to site a residential or mixed-use development on the Messner site that must include housing for low income and very low income families. The resolution indicates that the site may or may not be owned by the County and outlines a process for soliciting for and choosing a developer for the site. That process includes having a Tenney-Lapham representative on the RFP selection panel. The resolution also includes a provision for the site to be swapped for a similar site elsewhere on the E. Washington corridor should that opportunity arise.

Last updated 11 July 2017 by Patrick Heck - pwheck at gmail.com