Our Purpose

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to improve the neighborhood through democratic citizen participation and involvement. The organization will work for the achievement of this purpose by generating and sustaining a spirit of neighborhood among area residents through all appropriate means including, but not limited to:

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Foreseeing and calling attention to emerging neighborhood trends and problems prior to their reaching crisis proportions.

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Fostering neighborhood interest and participation in planning.

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Providing means for widespread study and discussion of all issues and questions pertinent to the neighborhood.

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Educating neighborhood residents about the neighborhood, its rich history and its future potential.

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Serving as an advocate for those policies and programs that seem to its membership, after appropriate analysis and discussion, to be in the neighborhood’s best interest.

100% Volunteers

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TLNA is a 100% volunteer-run organization and its success is made possible only with the help and dedication of the many people who donate their time.

Jonny Hunter

Jonny HunterPresident

Meghan Conlin

Meghan ConlinDevelopment

Tyler Lark

Tyler LarkVice-President

Keith Wessel

Keith WesselHousing

Madeline Kasper

Madeline KasperSecretary

Patty Prime

Patty PrimeCommunications

Nick Crowley<

Nick CrowleyTreasurer

Marta Staple

Marta StapleEvents

Gwen Shales

Gwen ShalesBusiness

Pat Kelly

Pat KellyParks

Bob Klebba

Bob KlebbaTransportation/Safety

Evelyn Atkinson

Evelyn AtkinsonArea Rep Yellow