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(Houden Proposal)

This development proposal as originally presented to the neighborhood would encompass all 11 properties/buildings between 717 and 751/753 E. Johnson St., all on the south side of E. Johnson. A first proposal version was presented on Feb. 2, 2017. A Feb. 15 version included renovating 3 existing multi-flat rental homes and demolishing 8 multi-flat rentals homes. The 8 to be demolished would be replaced with 3 apartment buildings, including three first-floor retail locations. The Aug. 8, 2017 proposal version eliminated the smallest of the 3 new buildings, resulting in a total of 4 potential house demolitions, 2 homes being moved offsite in Tenney-Lapham, 1 home moved to a gap on the same block, and 4 homes staying where currently sited. The 2 new buildings would have 69 parking stalls in a partially underground level with 4 floors of apartments above. A total of 69 apartments are proposed, including 13 in existing buildings.

The April 23, 2018, proposal version removed the 4th floor of apartments and connected the two new buildings via a glass-enclosed walkway on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The number of apartments is 27 in each of the 2 new buildings and 13 in the existing homes for a total of 67. See developer slides below for more details.

*** Note: A TLNA Steering Committee for evaluating this proposal met numerous times and issued a 29 June 2017 summary report and an 8 August 2017 supplementary report on the proposal (see below). Subsequently, on 9 November 2017 TLNA Council voted to oppose the proposal (see letter to City below).

The Houden development team is pursuing city approval for the proposal despite TLNA Council's opposition. Currently, it is expected that these entities will consider the proposal on these dates:

Alder Zellers' weekly emails will announce the specifics of these meetings when they are available. TLNA's development webpages will also contain this info.

*** The Common Council passed the rezoning of these properties at their July 10, 2018, meeting on a 13-6 vote. This superseded the June 19 vote when it did not garner the 11 votes needed for passage (10-6 vote). It is expected that demolitions, house movings, excavations, and construction will begin later in the summer, assuming all permits are obtained as expected.

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    Developer: Chris Houden

    Architect: Tom Miller Kahler Slater, Inc.



    Developer's Renderings/Slides (all renderings are preliminary and subject to change):

    TLNA Steering Committee and TLNA Council:


    Questions or comments? Contact TLNA's Development Chair Patrick Heck at pwheck at gmail.com

    Last updated 17 July 2018