800 Block




This development proposal was approved by the neighborhood and city council. It failed over a public funding dispute between the mayor's office and the developer.

This website was designed to promote neighborhood input for the development, which would have encompassed the entire 800 block of E.Washington Ave (north side), currently utilized for auto sales..


A neighborhood committee worked with the developer to solicit public feedback.The committee consisted of
Alderperson Brenda Konkel and three representatives each from Tenney Lapham and Old Marketplace neighborhoods.


August 8,2006
Developer informs the neighborhood that the project has been withdrawn.

March 24, 2006, Mayor Cieslewicz
Work continues on Gorman project ,

March 6
Statements from Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and developer Gary Gorman that have recently circulated via email.
Statement from Downtown Madison, Inc.'s (DMI)


Neighborhood documents

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800 block email discussion listserve -- Want to be on it? Send a request to David Waugh at waugh@morningwoodfarm.com

Last updated August 16,2006