TLNA Minutes for Thursday, January 24, 2002


Present: Susan Bauman-Duren, Jim Zychowicz, Sal Calomino,Richard Linster, Rex Loehe, Gay Davidson-Zielske, Diane Brusoe, Suzanne Rybeck,Bob Shaw, Kathleen Rideout, Rob Latousek, Pat McDonnell, Sandra Ward, JoeBrogan, Fran Ingebritson, Margaret Bergamini, Gigi Holland


Absent with call or email:

*Note: I believe there may have been some council memberspresent who did not sign in on the attendance sheet.


  1. 7:20 p.m. Call to Order
    1. Approval of Minutes for November and December 2001

                                                    i.     Motionby Richard Linster for approval of November and December 2001 Minutes. Motioncarried on a voice vote.


  1. Rob Latousek, Secretary Treasurer of the Tenney Lapham Corporation.
    1. Motion by Rex Loehe to approve new board members to the Tenney Lapham Corporation.  Motion seconded by Diane Brusoe. Motion carried on a voice vote.
    2. New Project: Replace Welcome Sign. Current sign is about 12 years old and is showing wear. Would like to replace with something in the Arts/Crafts style or Frank Lloyd Wright (he grew up in the neighborhood). Considering applying for one of the community enhancement grants. Estimated cost is $776.00, therefore would seek grant for $900-$1000.  However, need other financial support for grant approval of 50% from the neighborhood (approximately $500). Motion by Margaret Bergamini to approve a contribution in the amount not to exceed $1000 for the replacement of the welcome sign. Motion was seconded by Sal Calomino. The motion passed on a voice vote.


  1. Committee Chair Reports:
    1. Safety – Jim Zychowicz, Sal Calomino:

                                                    i.     2ndAnnual Police forum March 21 at regular monthly meeting.

                                                     ii.     Talkingwith Alders Dorothy Borchardt and Matt Sloan regarding nuisance houses.

                                                       iii.     SCCgrants – application for matching grant video for production of PublicService Announcement (local access). Motion by Gay Davidson-Zielske to give$100 for matching grant for class safety PSA production. Motion seconded by JimZychowicz. Motion carried on a voice vote.


    1. Gigi Holland: current zoning is leading to nuisance housing. Susan Bauman-Duren appointed working group to report issues and areas back to TLNA: Gigi Holland, Fran Ingebritson, Jim Zychowicz, and Sal Calomino.
    2. Margaret Bergamini: Discussion of grant for park.
    3. Kathleen Rideout: Discussion of traffic islands (handout).


  1. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Margaret Bergamini. Motion seconded by

 Jim Zychowicz. Motion carried on a voice vote.




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