TLNA Council Meeting


January 12, 2006


Present:  SandyWard, Patrick McDonnell, Bob Shaw, Carol Trone, Bob Sommerfeldt, Nancy McClean,Susan Baumann-Duren, Cheryl Wittke (Chair).


Call to order at 7:05


I.              Minutes of Dec. 1 and Dec. 15 approved.

II.            Meeting dates: Due to conflicts (e.g. County Board meetings) we will move our meetingsto the first Wed. of each month. Questions and comments

III.          Area Representatives. 

a.    Michelle Kohler will no longer be an Area Rep. Sean Gutknechtwill take over as Area A Rep.

b.    Issues related to voting.

                                                    i.     Whenthere are co-representatives from an area can both vote?

                                                     ii.     Therewas consensus that if only one of the co-reps comes to a meeting then thatperson can vote even if they aren’t the one who is the “official” rep.

                                                       iii.     Whatis less clear is what to do when both come to a meeting.  Can they both vote?

                                                       iv.     Precedentwould suggest that both can vote but it is not clear that this practice isconsistent with the TLNA bylaws.

                                                     v.     Also,how do we count the quorum?  Doboth count toward a quorum, and if so, shouldn’t they both vote?

                                                       vi.     Wewill ask Richard Linster for his views on these matters.

                                                        vii.     BobSommerfeldt mentioned that some OMP residents do not like the TLNA bylaws thatonly Council members vote at Council meetings.  Their practice had been that any member could vote at anymeeting.

IV.          Dues and membership issues.

a.    Ideas were generated as to how to use newsletter articles toattract more active participation in our association.

                                                    i.     Sandywill pull together an article that describes the Council activities in the past3 months. 

                                                     ii.     Carolwill write an article about opportunities for involvement.

                                                       iii.     Thedeadline for submission is roughly March 15th.

b.    There was discussion about raising the dues but we decided tohold further discussion and decisions until Richard Linster is present.

c.    A question was raised as to whether we could better reachpotential members if we mailed the newsletter rather than hand delivering itbecause so many outer doors to apartment buildings are locked and there is noplace to drop off the newsletter. No decision was make because we first want to get clear on our budget.

V.            Budget issues

a.    Nancy distributed a summary of budget issues.  These are:

                                                    i.     Wheredo TLNA funds come from?

1.    Membership dues

2.    Advertising in the newsletter

3.    Grants (e.g. the Neighborhood Plan Grant)

4.    Events (e.g. spaghetti dinner)

5.    Donations/bequests

6.    Fund raising (e.g. auctioning off the balustrades from the oldMifflin St bridge over the Yahara)

                                                     ii.     Wheredoes the money go?

1.    Newsletter printing

2.    Other printing

3.    Community gardens

4.    Charitable giving

5.    Special events costs (e.g. the cost the spaghetti dinner)

6.    Neighborhood plan (a one-time cost in 2006)

7.    The monument

8.    Committee project expenses

                                                       iii.     Whohave we given to in the recent past and /or who do we want to give to?

1.    Foundation for Public Schools ($500 to Lapham, $500 to EastAthletics, and $100 to O’Keefe.

2.    Art walk $100

3.    EINPC $100

4.    Safe Community Coalition $100

5.    Tenant Resource Center $100

6.    Salvation Army $100

7.    Business Improvement District $100

b.    Cheryl distributed a list of actions recommended to developfinancial internal controls for the TLNA Council.

                                                    i.     Theseare:

1.    All deposits, withdrawals and transfers will be made by thetreasurer.

2.    All checks against TLNA accounts will be written by thetreasurer.  Checks written inamounts over $400 require 2 signatures. Signatories are treasures, president, vice president and secretary (theOfficers of the Council).

3.    Requests for reimbursements for budgeted expenditures shouldbe accompanied by receipts or other proof of purchase unless other arrangementshave been made in advance.

4.    Cash contributions collected at neighborhood associationevents will be counted by both the person collecting the funds and thetreasurer or a proxy at the conclusion of the event, amounts reconciled anddeposited by the treasurer.

5.    President will review bank statement each month, sign, anddate it.

                                                     ii.     P.McDonnell moved and C. Trone seconded adoption of these recommendations.  All in favor.

c.    The TLNA Corporation is the non-profit arm of the TLNA

                                                    i.     RobLatousek the President of the corporation.  Bob Shaw will invite him to come to the next meeting to givethe Council an update on the corporation.

                                                     ii.     S.Baumann-Duren will invite Bob Kasdorf (attorney) to come to that meeting too.

d.    Nancy volunteered to create a membership database

e.    S. Bauman-Duren moved and P. McDonnell seconded that TLNA joinDowntown Madison Inc.  All infavor.

VI.          School issues.

a.    Carol offered to organize a forum for School Board candidates.

b.    P. McDonnell moved and S. Ward seconded that TLNA sponsor theforum and hold it at Lapham school.

VII.        Next steps in Neighborhood Plan to be taken at the potluckdinner next week.

a.    Cheryl would like the leaders of each section to select 3 or 4top priorities from among the action steps.

b.    P. McDonnell pointed out that selecting priorities works forsections 2 to 6, but not for section 1 (Zoning, land use, and redevelopment).

c.    A discussion ensued regarding the plan as a basis for futurenegotiations with developers and the city.


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 by consensus

Minutes submitted by Sandra Ward


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