Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association Council Meeting – 2/20/03


Present: Bob Shaw, Suzanne Rybeck, Richard Linster, BrendaKonkel, David Finet, Jim Zychowicz, Sal Calomino, Chris Jungbluth, SusanBauman-Duren, Diane Brusoe, Joe Brogan, Teena Browder, Margaret Bergamini


Guests: Don Sanford, Peggy Elath, John Haugen-Wente, JimDexheimer


Meeting called to order: 7:05.


Approval of January minutes was postponed until the Marchmeeting.


Rezoning of Carl and John’s Paddling Building


John Haugen-Wente has purchased Carl’s Paddling andthe business is now called Carl & John’s Paddling.  The site is currently zoned M1 formanufacturing.  He would like to haveit rezoned to C3, which is a more general zoning that incorporates retail,residential and manufacturing. Archie Nicolette of the Parks Department, Brenda Konkel, and thelandlord all support the change.


Motion by Joe Brogan: “TLNA Council supports a zoningchange for the building from M1 to C3.”  Second by Susan Bauman-Duren.  Approved unanimously.


Sailing Center at Burrows Park


Don Sanford of the Mendota Community Sailing Organizationspoke to the council regarding the proposed community sailing center at BurrowsPark.


He made the following points:

            Privatemoney would be used for a public improvement.

            Itwould encompass waterfront education and boating education.

            Thegroup would raise a million dollars and the building would be public.

            Peoplewould have access to the waterfront.

            Theidea got beat up at the Park’s commission.

            Itwould provide low-income and handicapped instruction.

            Theimmediate neighbors were furious; their concerns were traffic, archaeology, andan inappropriate use of public land.

            TheMendota Sailing Organization had hired a traffic engineer who said thatactivities would happen at opposite times of current Mendota Yacht Clubactivities.

            ThePark’s Commission wanted money in hand and also money for an endowment.


Joe Brogan said that there were two concerns from TLNA atlast month’s meeting: 1) usurpation of valuable lake frontage, and 2)park is used by many working groups and that would involve a parking issue.


Don said he would be happy to answer any otherconcerns.  He can be contacted at255-1508 or at dpsanford@aol.com.  Peggy Elath was also presentrepresenting the group and she can be contacted at 244-3539 or pelath@madison.com


Alder’s Report


South side of East Washington abutting our neighborhood isbeing looked at for a TIF District. City staff has notified Brenda it is also looking at some blocks on thenorth side of East Washington in our neighborhood also for a TIF district.  Exact blocks and plans are still vague.


Police are considering sharing Willy Street Police Officerwith us.


Brenda is concerned about construction during the next fewyears of the bridges over Sherman Avenue, E. Johnson, and E. Washington.  A bottleneck into our neighborhoodmight be created.


$10,000 is in the budget for the historic bathroom.


Police Report from Sgt. Jim Dexheimer


All officers will be assigned geographic areas.  Teams will cross-shift. 800 block of E.Gorham sticks out like a sore thumb regarding police calls and the police areworking on a comprehensive plan to improve the block.  Landlords are a crucial factor in this and the police willbe making informational calls on landlords with problem buildings. If a problempersists for more than 20 minutes, call the police again and it will be bumpedfrom a level 9 call to a level 5 call. He gave the council some statistics regarding crime in ourneighborhood.  We have two optionsregarding police service: 1) sharing an officer with Willy Street or 2) havingone large team neighborhood-policing unit.  He recommended the latter.  Luis is interested in having a satellite office in theneighborhood.  Some suggestionsregarding locations were made. Teena complimented the police department.  He said that overall this is a safe, quietneighborhood.  He can be reached byemail at jdexheimer@ci.madison.wi.us


Committee Reports


Membership –Linster reported receiving $83 from 20 members.


Newsletter –Deadline is February 28 for the Spring Issue.  The summer issue will be moved up a month to accommodate theNeighborhood Art Fair the end of June.


Education –Joe is concerned about a rule that East High School might impose upon freshmanwho want to take biology.  Theymight require a 3.5 GPA or a superior score on a standardized exam.  We might want to take action on this atan upcoming meeting.


Parks –Margaret is working with David Strandberg to get a pier again at GiddingsPark.  She recently received a callfrom Si Widstrom who said it is looking more encouraging.  The DNR is making the city do wetlandrestoration on the lagoon along Sherman Avenue.  The $10,000 for the historic bathhouse in Tenney is just fora study.  There has been nomovement on the historic marker for Tenney Park.


Business –Teena said all is fine.


Community Service– Dianne said she has a tentative date for a blood drive in April butmore details will be forthcoming next week.


Housing –David  said he is working on theplan for proposed down zoning for the area.


Motion by Richard Linster to adjourn and seconded by SusanBauman-Duren.  Meeting adjourned at9:00 p.m.


Submitted by Bob Shaw



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