Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association CouncilMinutes



Present:  JimZychowicz, Sal Calomino, Sandra Ward, Patrick McDonnell, Gay Davidson-Zielske,Ken Zielske, Joe Brogan, Gigi Holland, Richard Linster, David Waugh.


  1. Call to order 7:10.


  1. Defer approval of January minutes


  1. Old business
    1. Revised TLNA plan

                                                    i.     Anapplication for funding was submitted

                                                     ii.     Thosewho have already volunteered to work on the plan are Sal, Jim, Susan BaumanDuran, and Diane Brusoe.

                                                       iii.     PatMcDonnell volunteered to join.

                                                       iv.     Gayasked whether art on the TLNA garage by the locks would be appropriate tosubmit as part of the plan.  Shewill pursue this idea and come back with more information.

    1. Neighborhood Input Proposal

                                                    i.     Jimmet with the Mayor to discuss this issue

                                                     ii.     Mayorbalked at codifying a process for input

                                                       iii.     Brendasaid the Planning Commission is working to improve the process of neighborhoodinput into city activities.

    1. Bridge/sign update -- SBD and Kitty Rankin will be speaking to each other about signage for the bridge over the Yahara at Sherman.
    2. CarlÕs Paddlin request Š defer to next meeting


  1. Alder Report
    1. Apologies for not being here for the last several meetings
    2. In future, will send a written report if she is not able to attend our meeting
    3. List serve is being set up TLNA@yahoogroups.com
    4. E. Washington has taken much of her time as residents and businesses prepare for the reconstruction


  1. Committee Reports
    1. Housing

                                                    i.     Meetingthe first week in March to discuss down-zoning

                                                     ii.     1Sherman Terrace development to be discussed at next meeting

    1. Traffic

                                                    i.     Meetingnext week (2/25) at 4:30 for idea sharing

                                                     ii.     Kensuggested an article for the newsletter & Pat suggested using the visionpiece

                                                       iii.     Richardsuggested a stand-alone pullout could be used as a flyer

                                                       iv.     Brendasuggested a need for grass roots effort to assure that properties are sold toowner occupiers rather than developers

                                                     v.     Gigisaid code enforcement is a way to work toward owner occupancy

    1. Social

                                                    i.     Pancakesupper April 22 [Note that at 3/18 meeting this was changed to April 27.]


Dues from 40 members for $292


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