Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association CouncilMinutes



Present: Bob Shaw, Jim Zychowicz, Sal Calomino, SusanBauman-Duren, Diane Brusoe, Joe Brogan, Teena Browder, Margaret Bergamini,Sandra Ward, Patrick McDonnell, Gay Davidson-Zielske, Kathleen Rideout, TimOlsen, Kristin Eschenfelder, Mary Ebeling, Suzanne Keyes Rybeck, Mark Drulle,Guests:  Karen Crossley, Ed Jepsen.


Call to order 7:05.

Round table introductions.

Minutes of 2/20/03 approved as distributed.

Approval of minutes of January meeting postponed.


Endowment fund for O’Keefe School.


Banners on Johnson Street.


Yahara River Parkway (Thornton Avenue between E. Johnson& E. Washington).


Reconstructionon Paterson, Livingston, Prospect, and Washburn (Sal reported).


Report from Gay (Social Chair).


Report from Margaret (Parks Chair).


Housing committee report (given by Sal).


Diane’s report.

Blood drive on April 5.  At least one more volunteer is needed to serve cookies, andtwo are needed who can lift 50 pounds to help unload equipment.


Adjourned by consensus at 9:05.


Submitted by Sandra Ward




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