Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association Council

March 1, 2006

Tenney Apartments, 302 N. Baldwin


Present:  Nancy McLean, Ruth Rohlich, Sean Gutkneckt, Richard Linster, Cheryl Wittke, Mary Jo Schiavoni, Diane Milligan, David Waugh, Gigi Holland, Carole Trone, Patrick McDonnell, Gay Davidson-Zielske, Brenda Konkel, James Roper, Sonja Moskalik, Ken Duren


Call to order at 7:10 p.m. after a presentation session by the developer for a proposed new condominium development at 627 East Mifflin. (Attendee list attached.)


  1. February 1, 2006 minutes were approved with two changes to item III. – the word “substantial” deleted from line 8 and the word “no” changed to “one” in line 9.


  1. Parks items:
    1. Mary Jo will attend an upcoming meeting regarding James Madison Park.
    2. A parks committee was identified (Mary Jo S., Bob S., James R., Sonja M. and Gigi H.) to generate ideas for improvements to James Madison Park that might be funded by the sale of the land under Lincoln School.
    3. Motion (David) Second (Richard): “The TLNA supports the sale of the land under Lincoln School with 100% of the proceeds to be dedicated to maintenance and improvement of James Madison Park.”  Motion failed by vote of 4 Yes to 6 No.
    4. Motion (Mary Jo) Second (Gigi): “The TLNA supports the sale of the land under Lincoln School with 2/3 of the proceeds to be dedicated to maintenance and improvement of James Madison Park with the following provisos:

                                                     i.     A deed restriction prohibiting any alteration to the historic front or sides of the building.

                                                      ii.     Proper appraisals to ensure that the City receives fair market value.

                                                        iii.     Deed restrictions offering the City first option to buy back the land in perpetuity if the building is destroyed and limiting the size of any replacement building to not exceed the footprint of the current building.

Motion passed unanimously.

    1. Motion (David) Second (Gay): “The TLNA does not support any plan to move the three landmark houses in James Madison Park at 640, 646 and 704 East Gorham.  The houses should be maintained in their current location and civic uses for them, such as museum of local natural history, should be explored.”

Motion passed unanimously

    1. Mary Jo gave an update on the plaque for new Johnson Street Bridge and will be submitting a plan for approval at a future meeting.


  1. Voting Procedures at TLNA Council Meetings.  Richard related that our past practice has allowed all joint holders or alternates for council positions to vote if they are in attendance at council meetings.  The TLNA by-laws do not address this question specifically.  Discussion followed of pros and cons of keeping or tightening this practice.

Motion (David) Second (Ruth):  “All representatives, including co-holders of a position, elected at the annual meeting or selected by the President to fill a vacancy during the year shall be considered voting members at council meetings.”   Motion passed by a vote of 7 Yes to 1 No.


  1. Process for Developers to Interact with TLNA.  Diane Milligan presented a draft document laying out proposed principles and standard practices for developers to use in seeking support and input from TLNA.  Elements include an expectation that developers will review the TLNA Neighborhood Plan and a list of best practices, including how to appropriately enable the use of alder’s resources for meetings.  Discussion was positive about the importance of clear procedures and predictability for both developers and the association.


Also discussed was the need to have clear processes for large projects where the developer requests that a group of residents work with them over a series of meetings to develop plans for a project.  It is important that such groups be supported and have a clear understanding of their scope and authority.


            Diane will keep working on this.  Thanks, Diane.


  1. Differences in E. Wash BUILD and TLNA Plan.  After a meeting between TLNA and Marquette participants in the BUILD committee, Pat drafted a letter from TLNA to the BUILD chair and committee drawing attention to differences in design standards between the two plans and asking the BUILD to revisit their draft before finalizing it.  Motion (Bob) Second (Gigi): Send letter as written.  Motion passed unanimously.


  1. 428 N. Livingston.  Diane reported that the Zoning Board of Appeals deferred action on Eric Fleming’s request so he could come back to them with a revised plan.


  1. Tenney-Lapham Corporation.  Motion (Gigi) Second (Ruth):  Reappoint the following directors of the Tenney-Lapham Corporation – Ken Zielske (Pres.), Cheryl Theo (VP), Rob Latousek (Sec-Treas) and Richard Walker.  Motion passed unanimously.

Note: Mary Lang Solinger was not reappointed at her request.


  1. Mayor Dave Cieslewicz will attend our April meeting.  An ad hoc subcommittee of the council will meet on Saturday March 4th at Company of Thieves coffee house to prepare a list of TLNA issues that will be presented to the Mayor in April.



The meeting ended by consensus at 9:15

Minutes submitted by

Pat McDonnell





Attendees at 3/1/06 TLNA presentation by Madsen & Fisher of condominium development plans for 627 E Mifflin:











Randy Bruce

7601 University Ave.



Karl Madsen

3436 Sunset Drive



Mike Fisher

3515 Blackhawk Drive



Bob Sommerfeldt

610 E. Mifflin



Pat Brenz

610 E. Mifflin



Clark Nulles

720 E. Gorham St.



Cheryl Wittke

446 Sidney St.



Richard Linster

432 Sidney St.



GiGi Hollond

1117 Sherman



James Roper

746 E. Gorham



David Waugh

1213 E. Mifflin



Sheriden Glen

614 W. Doty



MJ Schiavoni

443 N. Baldwin



Pat McDonnell

441 N. Paterson



Mary Pulliam

936 E. Dayton



Brenda Konkel

511 E. Mifflin




Gay D-Z

1011 E. Gorham



Diane Milligan

1142 E. Gorham St.



Sean Gutknecht

1222 E. Dayton St. #1



Sonja Moskalik

746 E. Gorham




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