TLNA Minutes for Thursday, April 18,2002


Present: Susan Bauman-Duren, Diane Brusoe, Joe Brogan,Richard Linster, Teena Browder, Tim Olsen, Bob Shaw, Susznne Keys Rybeck, JimZychowicz, Sal Calomino, Lisa Nett, Pat Mcdonnell, Sandy Ward, Rex Loehe,Margaret Bergamini, David Finet, Gay Davidson-Zielske, Fran Ingebritson


Absent with call or email: Mike Theo, Carol Weidel, KathleenRideout, Brenda Konkel


I.              7:07 pm Call to Order

a.    Introductions/Welcome, Mayor Sue Bauman


II.            Committee reports

a.    Margaret Bergamini – Parks

                                                    i.     EarthDay, meet at 9:00 am at shelter for annual cleanup/planting.

                                                     ii.     Motions:(at the request of Gigi Holland) – approve $108.00 to pay part of thecost of crab apple tree that died on the breakwater. Motion seconded by BobShaw; carried on voice vote.

b.    Bob Shaw – Newsletter

                                                    i.      Deadline is June 15 for the nextnewsletter.

                                                     ii.     BreeseStevens – next month discussion on what to use field for besides soccer.

c.    Richard Linster – Membership.

                                                    i.     35new members, $117.00 collected in dues.

d.    Joe Broder – Education.

                                                    i.     Sharedconcerns regarding education and schools with Mayor Bauman, including schoolfunding, the elimination of 4th grade music, partial elimination ofphysical education, reduced staff for grades K-3, reduction of SAGE. Encouragedmore political leadership at all levels of government since the school boardcan no longer do it alone.

e.    Jim Zychowicz & Sal Calomino – Safety.

                                                    i.     UpdatedMayor Bauman on last meeting’s forum with police.

                                                     ii.     Slow-downCampaign Update.

                                                       iii.     309N. Livingston – Nuisance House Update.

                                                      iv.     Noupdate on Paterson signage.

f.     Lisa Nett – Social.

                                                    i.     Updateon pancake supper.

g.    Tim Olsen – Special Projects.

                                                    i.     Expressedconcerns to Mayor Bauman regarding zoning and other city departments.

h.    Teena Browder – Business. 

                                                    i.     2new businesses: The Resell Shop and the Art supply Shop are now in business.

i.     Gay Davidson-Zielske –  Housing

                                                    i.     Expressedconcerns about 1016 and 1020 E. Johnsonson, turing into a parking lot (no greenspace).


III.          8:05, Gary Pressentin regarding Baldwin Street Project: 4townhouses at 18 N. Baldwin (refer to handout), to be sold in 3-4 years ascondos. Conditonal use permit waiver required

a.    TLNA concerns regarding the project:

                                                    i.     Additionalrunoff.

                                                     ii.     Sizeof units.

                                                       iii.     Letterof concern by Larry Schmidt of Quality Auto.


b.    Susan Bauman-Duren: urged Mr. Pressentin to talk to neighborsto alleviate concerns.


IV.          Motion by Richard Linster to approve the minutes as amended.Motion carried on a voice vote.


V.            Motion by Susan Bauman-Duren for adjournment. Motion secondedby Gay Davidson-Zielske. Motion carried on a voice vote.


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