Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association CouncilMinutes




Meeting convened at 7:30 PM


Council members present:

Jim Zychowicz, Co-President

Susan Bauman-Duren

Carol Weidel

Cheryl Wittke

Richard Linster

Ken Zielske

Gay Zielske

Adam Cain

Gigi Holland

Teena Browder


Association memberspresent:

Mary Ebling

David A. Goodman

Anne Whalen

Mary Alice Wimmer

Rose M. Smith

Bob Schneiker

David Mandehr

Robert L. Climie Jr.

Mary Lang Sollinger

Sandy Ward

Sal Calomino, Co-President

Pat McDonnell


Following items deferredto May meeting:



Downzoning proposal to City Planning – Sal and Jim


Sal, Jim and Diane Milliganfrom TLNA met with Madison City Planning Director Mark Olinger and staff JuleStroick, Brad Murphy and Mike Waidelich to discuss TLNA’s request fordownzoning.  City Planning staffwas receptive to the proposal, which was adopted as part of TLNA’s NeighborhoodPlan.  Diane and Mike Waidelich arecollecting ownership statistics for the area.  City staff suggested that boundaries for downzoning proposalbe extended to Livingston and Dickinson to the west and east, and to Gorham andMifflin.  


Report on Grant to Install Monument for Tenney Park – Susan


According to Kitty Rankin ofMadison City Planning, the $3,000 grant is still available to install amonument near the old bath house at Tenney Park.  Kitty is encouraging the neighborhood to take advantage of thisgrant, and has recommended a contractor. Susan will meet with Ed Jepsen from Friends of Yahara River Parkway andRick Bernstein about shortening text (currently is too long).  She will bring design ideas to the TLNACouncil, hopefully in May.


Report on neighbor communication with Madison Dairy  - Mary Ebing


Mary has assembled a groupof residents to come up with solutions to address noise, pollution, safety andproperty value concerns of neighbors who live hear Madison Dairy.  She has not had success getting throughto managers at the dairy, nor to Lapham/Marquette PTO presidents.  The goal is to have the dairy abide bya 1997 verbal agreement arrived at after meetings with TLNA, Lapham Schoolofficials and parents, and city alders and agencies.  Mary will ask Alder Brenda Konkel for assistance.


Variance Request for 1658 Sherman Avenue – Dave Goodman


Alder Brenda Konkelsuggested that Dave speak to the TLNA Council after his request for a zoningvariance was deferred by the Zoning Board, pending more information from hisarchitect. 


Dave presented to theCouncil architectural drawings for a garage and dormer addition to hishome.  The home’s footprint willnot change, and no additional paving will be done.   Adjacent neighbors, including those whose view of thelake could have been affected, spoke in favor of the project, noting that theaddition would be a welcome improvement to the property.


Carol moved, and Susanseconded the following motion: TLNA Council recommends to both the Zoning Board and Planning Commissionthat the variance for 1658 Sherman Avenue be approved.


Motion passed unanimously.


Funding Request for Plantings on Baldwin – Susan


Tenney-Lapham neighbor MaryJo Schiavo has offered to plant flowers in traffic islands on Baldwin againthis year.  She does a beautifuljob. 


Sandy moved and Susanseconded motion to provide $100 from TLNA budget to pay for plants.  Motion passed.


Parks Report/Friends of Yahara River Report – Susan for Ed Jepsen

The Friends of the Yahara River Parkway engaged over 35 different 
volunteers ages 3 to 75 in a clean-up of the northern corner of the 
island in Tenney Park. Volunteers included neighbors from around the 
isthmus and Girl Scouts from O'Keffe. A tremendous number of exotic or 
very aggressive tree and shrub species were removed from this area. The 
exotics included European honeysuckle, buckthorn and white mulberry 
while the weedy natives included boxelder, grape and a few green ash. 
We also removed carpeting and other trash left by a drifter in the 
woods on the island.
Our goal is to restore the landscape in a manner consistent with the 
historic O.C. Simonds plan developed in the early 1900's. The removals 
were made to protect the older swamp white oaks while releasing the 
younger oaks from competing weedy competition. In April and in May we 
have been/will be replanting with native trees and shrubs and sowing 
wildflower seeds. This should add diversity, color and habitat for 
wildlife throughout the year.
We are having a planting extravaganza on the morning of May 15. We will 
plant over 50 dozen wildflowers in the park. Join us!
We developed a powerpoint show for the O'Keeffe 7th graders about the 
natural and cultural history of the parkway and Tenney Park. All of the 
7th graders saw this show and apparently loved the old time swim suits. 
The 7th graders will be involved in a community service project along 
the parkway in May/June.
Other FYRP activities include:
a.  proposed a landscape design/limestone retaining wall for the 
ped/bike bridge at Marquette/OKeeffe schools;
b.  met with the alder, Parks and TLNA to discuss the clean up of a 
drifter hang out on the border of Burr Jones field and the railroad 
tracks (ask Sandy Ward about this one!);
c.  attended meetings on the E. Washington bridge reconstruction, 
commented on the proposed underpasses and the proposed ped/bike path 
along N. Thornton.


Matching Fund Request for Plantings for Yahara River Parkway – Susan


Yahara River Parkway andMadison Parks are funding additional plantings for the parkway.   Susan moved that TLNA provideprovide a $300 match toward this project. Gigi seconded the motion.


Discussion:  Jim – what is the maintenance plan onceplantings are done?  Susan – Parkswill do the best they can to maintain the plantings given budget constraints.  Also, Friends of Yahara have a work dayplanned – a large troupe of volunteers is needed.


Motion approved.


Transportation Committee Report – Pat


On Thursday, April 22, amulti-Neighborhood Association meeting of traffic and transportationrepresentatives was held at the Willy St. Coop meeting room.  The purpose of the meeting was toenable representatives to share their neighborhood’s ideas, proposals andvisions regarding traffic flow in the East Isthmus and Downtown.  Another purpose was to explore whetherthere was enough commonality and mutual interest in supporting a unitedapproach to engaging city and county elected officials and government agenciesin supporting and implementing our common objectives.


In attendance from thefollowing neighborhood associations were:



Pat McDonnell, David Waugh,Cheryl Wittke



Larry Jensen, Will Warlick,Peter Wolff



Mike Barrett


Emerson East

Susan Agee


Capitol Neighborhoods

Megan Christiansen


Marquette/SASY presentedseveral ideas related to Williamson St., Winnebago, Schenks Corners, and AtwoodAve.  TLNA presented the six ideascontained in our 12/19/03 letter to Mayor Cieslewicz.   Capitol Neighborhoods discussed their interest inreturning one-way streets to two-way. Emerson East talked about the East Johnson “chute” at Packers Ave, theneed for more Park-and-Rides further east than Fiore, and the need to know moreabout the Fordem/First plans.


The group discussed somecommon themes, most significantly the need to redefine certain commuter streetsas neighborhood streets, particularly Johnson, Gorham, Williamson andWinnebago.  The group also felt itwas important to identify this goal as consistent with goals articulated by theMayor already, such as neighborhood building, affordable housing, andalternative transportation options, such as trolleys, for the Isthmus.


Next Steps:


Develop a draft documentdescribing our vision for a comprehensive, neighborhood approach to trafficflow for the downtown and east isthmus.


Organize a meeting of all neighborhoodpresidents, all 3 alders, all 3 county board members and others to discuss howto make these downtown/isthmus ideas happen.


Change to Regular Council Meeting Schedule – Richard


NOTE:  EFFECTIVE IN JUNE 2004, TENNEY LAPHAMCOUNCIL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD ON THE 4TH THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, TOAVOID CONFLICT WITH COUNTY BOARD MEETINGS.  Motion to recommend this change was made by Sandy, secondedby Susan, and approved unanimously.   Co-presidents Jim and Sal determined that this would be the Council’snew meeting schedule.


Council adjourned at 8:45PM.


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