TLNA Council


July 28, 2005


Present: Richard Linster, David Waugh, Sandy Ward, Ruth Rohlich, Carol Weidel,Bob Shaw, Bob Sommerfeldt, Patrick McDonnell, and Susan Baumann-Duren (Chair).


Call to order at 7:00

I.              Minutes approved

a.     June 23rdminutes amended to correct the misunderstanding about what constitutes aquorum.  According to our bylaws weneed 7 members for a quorum. After that change, the minutes were approvedunanimously.

b.    May 26th minutes approved unanimously

II.            Update of Neighborhood Plan

a.    Sandy reported on progress on sections 2 to 5 of the plan withspecial kudos to Bob Shaw and Mary Jo Schiavoni who worked on the parkssection.

b.    Ruth will take the Business section to the next meeting of thenewly reactivated Johnson Street Business Association and then forward theinput to Sandy for entry into the draft.

c.    Pat and Sandy will contact Cheryl regarding progress onsection 1 and will clarify whether the proposed timeline is realistic. 

d.    The desired timeline is

                                                    i.     Bringa draft of all sections to the August meeting.

                                                     ii.      Have a town hall meeting on Sept 13 from7 to 9 at Lapham (Richard noted that he had reserved this space).

                                                       iii.     Ratifyat the October annual meeting on Oct 20th

III.          Transportation

a.    Pat shared copies of the East Isthmus and Downtown TrafficProposal and a one-page summary of the major points in the proposal.

b.    Pat & David formulated a motion that the TLNA Councilendorse the proposal, encourage a meeting of the alders with neighborhoodrepresentatives, forward the proposal as the TLNA official input into theComprehensive Plan, and forward it to the BUILD Committee.  Pat will see that it gets to theComprehensive Plan and David will see that it gets to BUILD.  All in favor.

IV.          Bylaws

a.    The changes are as follows:

                                                    i.     Therewill be 4 area representatives

                                                     ii.     Safetywill be added as a committee

                                                       iii.     Changelanguage from “September” annual meeting to “fall” annual meeting.

                                                       iv.     Addlanguage indicating that the agenda for the annual meeting should be publishedwhen the meeting is posted.

b.    Article XI (budget) was discussed.  Carol and Richard will work on language changes for thissection.

V.            Ad fees

a.    Bob circulated a handout describing the costs for producingthe Newsletter and the income currently received from ads.

b.    We have increased our circulation by 20% since adding the newsegment to our neighborhood (the former Old Marketplace neighborhood fromLivingston to Blair).

c.    There is a problem with Area Reps not being able to deliverall of the newsletters because of encountering locked front doors on apartmentbuildings.

d.    Pat moved and Susan seconded that we raise the ad fee by 20%,rounding to the nearest five dollars starting with the October issue.  Unanimous approval.  

VI.          RR petition

a.    Bob circulated a letter from M. Rummel (MarquetteNeighborhood) to Rodney Kruenen (Railroad Commissioner) protesting suggestionsto close cross streets on the Isthmus.

b.    Sandy moved and Susan seconded that TLNA endorse theletter.  All in favor.

VII.        City request for TLNA support

a.    Cheryl forwarded to Patrick requests from the city that wesign letters of support for city requests for Federal funding in the areas oftransportation and Health & Human Services.

b.    The council had mixed views on signing these letters anddecided to do nothing.

VIII.      Membership committee report (Richard)-- dues from 25 peoplefor $125.00


The meeting ended by consensus at9:00

Minutes submitted by Sandra Ward


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