TLNA Council Meeting

July 5, 2006


Present: Bob Shaw, Mary Jo Schiavoni, David Waugh, BobSommerfeldt, Gay Davidson-Zielske, Susan Bauman-Duren, Gigi Holland, RuthRohlich, Sean Gutknecht, Brenda Konkel, Richard Linster




Gates of Heaven 35th Anniversary – Thursday, July27 from 5-7 with music and light refreshments.  Urban Forestry program to follow at 7.


BUILD Committee update – city staff looked at our plan.  They might bring down the heights insome areas to protect solar access on Mifflin Street.


Gorman project – Brenda said Chris told her there will be anannouncement within three weeks.


428 N. Livingston – Brenda said there is nothing new toreport.


Kozak properties – Somebody from Rockford was interested butnothing has been heard since. Brenda told the man to talk to Kitty Rankin regarding the historicalsignificance of the block.


624 E. Mifflin – The development is all set.


Tenney Lock Lights


There was a front-page article in The Capital Times on June17 featuring a complaint by Don Sanford saying that the lights were toobright.  Barbara forwarded lettersfrom John Schraufnagel, Assistant Director of Public Works for Dane County andJeffrey Radue from the company that designed the lights, which disputedSanford’s complaint.


A number of council members have viewed the lights and amajority of those who have seen them thought they were too bright.  Bob Shaw showed pictures of the newlights on East Washington which were entirely shielded by the shade and of theTenney lock lights which showed the bulb extending about six inches beyond theshade.  Some suggestions were:diminish the lighting when the locks were not in operation; change the shadesso it completely covers the bulbs, have a bright light in the lighthouse tomake it visible to boaters and then diminish the lock lighting.  Barbara will arrange a meeting with thecounty and engineering firm; Bob Shaw and Mary Jo will represent the TLNAcouncil.


Encroachment of 1252 Sherman into Tenney Park


Owners of 1252 Sherman Avenue (house adjacent to TenneyPark’s swimming beach parking lot) have encroached onto official parkland whenthey did new landscaping.  Atcertain points the encroachment is from five to ten feet.  Friends of the Yahara River Parkwayhave been active this spring turning the parkland into native vegetation.  Motion: write a letter to Jim Morgan(Park’s Superintendent) asking him to pursue all avenues in reclaiming theappropriated land including removing all hardscape and plants that the ownersof 1252 put on park property.  MaryJo moved the motion and Susan seconded it; passed unanimously.


James Madison Park


Mary Jo met with the mayor and some other individuals tohear the mayor’s plan for James Madison Park.  The mayor wants to remove the two houses in the park –preferably relocate them in the neighborhood – in order to have more park spaceand to have a nice view for those driving by.  Officials from Historic Madison and the Madison Trust forHistoric Preservation were split about this.  The mayor’s plan included selling the Collins House and theland under Lincoln School. 


In previous actions the TLNA council voted not to move thehouses and to approve the sale of the land under Lincoln School as long astwo-thirds of the money raised would go to improvements in James Madison.


TLNA will meet with representatives from CapitolNeighborhoods to discuss the options. The mayor wants to set up a meeting with TLNA and Capitol Neighborhoodswithin the next thirty days to detail his plan.


Cheryl will talk with Brenda Williams to see if she would bewilling to do a design for how TLNA would like the area to look.


Giddings Park


Questions about whether this is a non-alcoholic park.  Brenda thought it already is but thereare no signs.  Brenda will checkinto this and have new signs placed in Giddings if it really is non-alcoholic.


Alder’s Report


Water issues – There were about fifty at the water meeting at Lapham last month.  Brenda did not think the manganese isas big a concern as carbon tetrachloride. There were questions about E. coli contamination


Breese Stevens update – Maintenance at Goodman Pool is 1.5million dollars in the hole and there is a move to take the money scheduled forthe renovation of Breese Stevens this fall to make up the deficit.  Officials say it would be a temporarydelay.  Motion by Mary Jo: Opposethe diversion of funds for the rehabilitation of Breese Stevens.   Seconded by Susan.  Passed unanimously.


Streets in the neighborhood are rough where there was leadpipe replacement.  Brenda said theywere supposed to have repaired the streets this year but it has been delayeduntil next year.


Housing – City housing committee is having a push to convertrental housing to owner-occupied housing. Gigi will represent the neighborhood on this committee.


Tree Pruning – Brenda said to email her with your concerns.


Other Issues


Noon Meal program at Christ Church – Gay got a couple ofresponses about how to write the letter. The letter will incorporate four simpler points.  For now the idea of the noon mealprogram is dormant.


Traffic – Sean heard from a neighbor who expressedfrustration with traffic in the neighborhood.


Adjournment: 8:55


Acting Secretary

Bob Shaw


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