Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association Minutes

August 15, 2002


Present: Susan Bauman-Duren,Diane Brusoe, Jim Zychowicz, SalCalomino, Margaret Bergamini, Kathleen Rideout, Pat McDonnell, Sandy Ward, LisaNett, Tim Olsen


Motion to approve minutes ofJuly 18, 2002 made by Diane Brusoe and seconded by Kathleen Rideout withcorrections to spelling error of names. Motion carried.


Susan reported that there isgrant money available and need to have volunteers/committee to review andprepare for grants. Diane, Tim and Sandy have volunteered to be on thecommittee.


There will be a Fair atChrist Presbyterian Church – set up table with literature/membersinforming neighbors of TLNA. Editor note: no one available.


On September 28ththere will be a festival at Warner Park.


Diane Brusoe discussed aCommunity Service Project – Welcome to the Neighborhood. Catherine Lovingwith the Student Health Service will have students compile a map withstudent/rental properties. Packets will be delivered to new neighbors. Tim volunteeredto talk to Catherine about the mapping and to offer his assistance.


Margaret Bergamini reportedthat letters would be sent to landlords in the 800 block of Livingston Street.


Margaret announced that onSeptember 29th there will be a picnic/meeting for Yahara Riverfriends. Looking for more members to join.


Bob Shaw has been wateringthe trees in the park but need more volunteers to assist as the trees need alot of watering while they are settling. Work day is scheduled for September 7th.


Margaret also discussed theissue of the Indian Mounds are being mowed improperly which is deterioratingthem. Have not received any assistance from the City of Madison ParksDepartment or Jim Morgan the head of the Parks Department.


Boat Dock – noprogress.


Margaret is on the EastWashington Sub Committee.


Tim Olsen suggested settingup the auction for the balusters at the next social event. He will prepare adraft letter describing them.


Land Use issues –building approval process needs to be consistent.


Tim talked about thedriveway/patio that was installed on E. Johnson Street. The new owners paid$233,000 for the house and have been told by the city that their driveway isnot “legal”. The whole approval/permitting process should be at thebeginning, not at the end of the project. The new owners will be asking thecity for a variance.


Houses at 1014-1018 E.Johnson Street have parking lot split by small “open space” area inbetween driveway with plants. Haung Nguyen has a plan approved by the City for 4spaces per house.


Jim Vincent representingOwner/Developer of 18 N. Baldwin Street with development of single-familytownhouses. The lot is approximately 33 feet. The owner could build a duplex,single family without City Plan Commission approval.


Jim and Sal reported on azoning map of our district showing R4-R5 (apartments/rental, multi family).R2-R3 is residential.


Police reports will becoming via email but have found that they are not accurate in reporting allincidents. Talk to the Police Department and asked them aboutnon-responsiveness to phone calls. There is different response time todifferent problems.


Bob Shaw received a letterfrom a resident of N. Baldwin – regarding publication of his letter.


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