TLNA Minutes for Thursday 9/20/01



Present:  Susan Baumann-Duren, Bob Shaw, Diane Bruscoe, David Mandehr, Tim Olsen, Jim Zychowicz, Michael Theo, Kathleen Rideout, Ed Jepson, & Renee Browder.


Excused:  Richard Linster, Sal Calamino, Rex Loehe & Alf Meyer.



I.               7:10 P.M.  Call to Order – Quorum Present.

II.             Presentation of Business Plan by Landlord Scott Faust and tenant Nasser Abufarha.  Mr. Abufarha discussed his plan for a middle eastern restaurant and catering business in the Zimmerman Plumbing Building.  Mr. Faust discussed his plan to renovate Zimmerman Building for Mr. Abufarha’s business as well as the antique shop (i.e., new bathrooms, loading dock and parking).  TLNA discussion generally very positive.  Also, local businessmen want to keep retail space.  Parking, however, is a problem.  Mr. Faust reports that he spoke to one neighbor.  TLNA recommends he discuss more in depth the parking and green space issues with his Johnson Street neighbors.

III.           Brenda Konkel – brief elected official report.

IV.           Bridge  Design Discussion (see attached resolution) 

V.             Committee Reports:

q      Safety – Jim reported on the Positive Rewards Campaign and issue with an awardee.

q      East (ESPC)-  Diane reported on the workshops available to neighbor and neighborhood association.

q      Conference Report – Susan reported on her attendance at the Neighborhood 2001 Conference.

q      Ice Cream Social- Susan reports the ice cream social will be held on 9-22-01 at the Tenney Park Shelter from 3- 5 P.M.


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