Tenney LaphamNeighborhood Association Council

September 22, 2005

Tenney Apartments,302 N. Baldwin


  1. Call to order at 7:05.  Brief introductions were made.
  2. Approval of the July minutes was deferred.
  3. Proposal for 428 N. Livingston.
    1. Eric Fleming presented his proposal to tear down the building in order to build a condominium that would be economically profitable.  He showed pictures of defects in the building and shared a packet of information that included engineering evaluations of the condition of the building.  He contended that it would require almost $1 million to repair the building.
    2. An architect presented the plans for the new building – a condo that would be 5 stories high and hold 4 or 5 units.
    3. Several interested neighbors spoke

                                                    i.     SonjaM. opposed the plan, describing the historic importance of the property andpresenting data about the number and location of residents who supported versusopposed the plan.

                                                     ii.     FayStephenson spoke in favor of the plan. She asked the Council, “Exactly what are you trying to preserve?”

                                                       iii.     JoeLusson, President of the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, opposed the plan,sharing the minutes of the Landmarks Commission meeting in 2001 wherein asimilar proposal was declined.

    1. Several questions were asked of Mr. Fleming (e.g. Is the property eligible for tax credits for historic preservation? (yes), and What would be the cost of erecting the proposed new building? (approximately $2million).
    2. Carol W. moved and Sandy W. seconded that the TLNA Council recommend against the proposal to tear down 428 N. Livingston.

                                                    i.     TheCouncil discussed the proposal, with almost every member weighing in with acomment about the merits (or lack thereof) of the proposal.

                                                     ii.     At8:30 a vote was taken:  8 insupport of the motion, and 1 opposed. 

  1. Old business
    1. Bylaw changes – Carol W.

                                                    i.     Carolpresented the suggested changes to the bylaws.

                                                     ii.     PatM. moved and Bob Sommerfeldt. seconded accepting the changes.  All in favor.

                                                       iii.     Thechanges will be presented at our next annual meeting and a vote of the generalmembership will be taken at that time. 

                                                       iv.     Annualmeeting will be Oct. 26.

                                                     v.     Thecouncil agreed to retain the name TLNA, rather than adding the phrase “OldMarket Place”.

    1. Neighborhood plan

                                                    i.     Cherylnoted that the working group was seeking approval of the general direction thathas been taken with the first draft (distributed earlier this week by email).

                                                     ii.     Shethanked Pat, Sandy, Diane, David, Gigi, Mary Jo and Bob Shaw for working onthis. 

                                                       iii.     Motionby Pat M. and second by Susan B.D. that the east boundary of the plan would endat the Yahara River, the east boundary in the TLNA By-Laws.  All in favor.

                                                       iv.     Sendwritten comments for additions, corrections, etc. to sward@wisc.edu.

                                                     v.     Theplan will come back to the council for approval after a neighborhood Town HallMeeting and a meeting with city staff.

                                                       vi.     Proposedtime frame for next steps

1.    Town Hall Meeting Wed. Oct. 19th at Lapham.

2.    Meet with city staff, hopefully the week of Oct. 10th.  This meeting will likely include cityPlanning staff, Traffic Engineering, Parks, and other city staff with purviewover what we are recommending.

3.    Bring plan to Annual Meeting (Wed, Oct. 26).

4.    Bring plan back to TLNA Council Thursday, Dec. 1 (suggest thatthis be our November and December meeting).

    1. Endorsement of requests by the City for federal funds (Mayor Dave’s request).

                                                    i.     JeanneHoffman of the Mayor’s office supplied more information about the streetcarstudy – it includes developing and implementing a public participationplan. 

                                                     ii.     SusanB-D moved and Pat M. seconded that we endorse these letters.

                                                       iii.     Discussionabout the desirability of streetcars ensued, along with some differing recollectionsregarding what was revealed by the neighborhood survey done in conjunction withupdating the Neighborhood Plan. [Note that after the meeting the secretary (Ward) went back to theresults of the survey and found that 52% of respondents were supportive or verysupportive of streetcars, 29% were neutral and 18% were opposed or veryopposed.]

                                                       iv.     Themotion passed with 5 in favor and 4 opposed.

  1. Alder’s report
    1. The Gorman project

                                                    i.     Mr.Gorman is seeking to pay less for the property because of defects

                                                     ii.     Thereis an issue about keeping the bill board on the corner.

    1. The city is considering selling four properties of interest to TLNA – this issue will be put on the agenda for our next meeting.

                                                    i.     LincolnSchool

                                                     ii.     CollinsHouse

                                                       iii.     640East Gorham

                                                       iv.     646Ease Gorham

  1. Election slate for TLNA officers
    1. Cheryl read the list of nominees for TLNA officers for next year.
    2. Community Services is open and Susan will ask Diane Brusoe if she would consider taking this on, given what a terrific job she did the last time she held this post.
    3. Discussion ensued as to how we should notify the neighborhood of the slate.
  2. Post card will be sent to absentee landlords to notify them of the Town Hall Meeting.
    1. Bob Sommerfeldt volunteered to design and send the post cards
    2. Sandy will forward the address database to Bob.
  3. Wrap up and adjourn (9:30).





Minutes submitted by S. Ward


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