Present: Richard Linster(Chair), Rex Loehe, Margaret Bergamini, Jim Zychowicz, Sal Colomino, AlfredMeyer, Ed Jepsen, Tim Olsen, Teena Browder, Michael Theo, David Mandehr, TracyDanner, Brenda Konkel, Diane Brusoe, Rosolind Anderson


Absent with call oremail: Susan Bauman-Duren


I.          7:05 p.m. Callto Order – Quorum Present


II.        TimOlsen & Roz Anderson – Curb Cut/Garage Issue (No Permit)


a.Background: Roz Anderson bought property at 1339 E. Johnson Street in February2001.  At the time, she thought shemight want to add a garage. Inquired with City to see if she’d need apermit to instead install a parking pad for the purpose of pick-ups anddrop-offs. She said the Engineering dept. told her that she couldn’t geta permit; the person doing the cut has to get the permit. Subsequently calledBadger Pro but was told they couldn’t do curb cut. Then contactedTri-County Paving. They could do paving but would need to subcontract curb cut.Roz Anderson then found another company to do the curb cut for $200 cash. The guycame and cut the curb and Roz assumed he had the appropriate permits. AfterwardsSkip Hanson called Roz Anderson to tell her she didn’t have a permit forthe curb cut but didn’t anticipate a problem. Two weeks later Badger procame out to begin the excavation work.


b.Tim Olsen contacted City regarding the lack of a permit. He was referred toSkip Hanson who said she could get one later. Tim Olsen checked the cityordinances and found this to be an illegal permitting procedure. Under theordinance, the curb must be taken out and replaced in its entirety. Wants toknow who has liability for this. Wants TLNA to ask Ald. Konkel and appropriatecity committees to begin a review of the permitting process and the history ofits implementation.


c.Discussionregarding the wording of a motion.


d.Motion by Tim Olsen and Seconded by Rex Loehe: To support the following statementsregarding construction of a front yard parking pad at 1339 E. Johnson Streetand to communicate these statements to Alderperson Brenda Konkel and throughher the entire City Council and appropriate city staff:

                                                    i.     To condemn in the strongest possible terms actions bycity staff for failure to properly advise the property owner and neighbors asto the applicable and appropriate laws and procedures for the construction  of a parking pad and related curbcutting without a permit.

                                                     ii.     To request the city provide a clear explanation ofthe city’s policy on the construction of parking space on front lawns anda detailed description of the city’s potential liability for theirapparent failure to provide the property owner and neighbors with accurateinformation regarding the applicable laws and procedures for the constructionof parking pads and related curb cutting.

                                                       iii.     Request that the city take all steps necessary andappropriate to expeditiously resolve the status of this particular case withoutpunitive regulatory or financial actions against the innocent owners of 1339 E.Johnson Street


MotionCarried on Voice Vote.


III. Tracy Danner EVPCoffee is proposing a drive-through coffee facility at Fiore Shopping Mall.


IV. Ald. Brenda Konkel’sReport


a.     Motion by David Mandehrand seconded by Tim Olsen: To communicate to Alderperson Konkel, and through heto the appropriate city agencies and staff, the TLNA’s desire that thetraffic signals at East Washington Avenue and Ingersoll Street remain fullyoperational and not assume the cautionary flashing mode, until time as allother signals on East Washington do so.


Motioncarried on a voice vote.


b.    Motion and Mike Theoand seconded by Ed Jepsen: To communicate conceptual support for a mixed usedresidential and restaurant design for the former Zimmerman Plumbing Building inthe 800 block of east Johnson Street as outlined by building owner Scott Faustat the September 20, 2001 TLNA meeting, but only if the rear parking issues canbe resolved to the mutual satisfaction of building owner Scott Faust and the residential neighbors of the property.Further, request that Mr. Faust present such a proposal for review and commentto the TLNA prior to submittal for final approval to the city.


Motioncarried on a voice vote.


V. Approval of minutesmoved by Mike Theo, motion carried on a voice vote.


VI. Bridge Discussion:parapet or not? – Margaret Bergamini – no motion to reconsider.


VII. Committee Reports:

Safety– final report turned in for safety grant.  Nuisance houses in neighborhood.


Newsletter– David Mandehr is in process of easing himself out of the newsletter detailin the next six months.


Business– Supreme Pizza is reopening.


Membership– Richard collected from 55 members for a total of $290.

President:Richard met with Barbara Vedder and Carol Weidel regarding CommunityParticipation Award at annual meeting. Nomination of John Bell.

VII. Adjournment moved byRex Loehe – Motion carried on a voice vote.



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