TLNA Minutes – November 15, 2001


Present: Kathleen Rideout, Tim Olsen, Sal Calamino, CarolWeidel, Margaret Bergamini, Gay Davidson-Zielske, Joe Brogan, Michael Theo,Alfred Meyer, Teena Browder, Bob Shaw, Susan Baumann-Duren, Susan Graham, DianeBrusoe, Brian Berken


Absent with call/e-mail: Rex Loehe, Richard Linster, JimZychowicz


  1. Call to Order – Quorum Present
  2. Susan Graham of DNR-Lakes Management spoke regarding a possible $10,000 grant for lakeshore restoration at Filene Park. The positive points with regard to the Filene site are the strong volunteer support, high visibility, use for schools and ability to utilize scouts & Yahara River Stewards. The hurdles would be maintaining control of the project and getting permission.
  3. Bob Shaw – Publicity & Newsletter Chair reported on Events Galore. Net-free service for one year. We can also place the agenda and minutes on our website. Bob asked for ideas for the grant that is due in February, 2002. Discussion surrounding the Newsletter followed. A motion by Carol Weidel to change the content of the Newsletter publication schedule to a quarterly publication. Seconded by Mike Theo. Resolution passed with (2) abstentions.
  4. Teena Browder – Business Chair reported on the pizza place re-opening and the zoning board’s response to Nasser’s business plan.
  5. Margaret Bergamini – Parks Chair, reported on the work along Sherman and Marston Avenues. She discussed the spring replanting plans.
  6. Sal Calamino – Safety Chair, discussed the increase with regards to nuisance calls. A need for further discussion as several alders had differing opinions.
  7. Diane Brusoe reported on the available $700 Neighborhood Capacity Grant. Diane also reported on the available facilitation training.
  8. Tim Olsen – Special Projects Chair, reported on the Johnson Street curb cut and parking pad issue.
  9. Kathleen Rideout – Transportation Chair, reported on shrubs that have been stolen from the traffic calming islands on Baldwin Street.


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