NOVEMBER 20, 2003

Meeting began at 7:05

October 23rd minutes reviewed. Pat moved approval, Carol seconded


Removal of trees at Christ Presbyterian - Gay: Gay is working with developer on corner of Johnson and Brearly to deal with erosion, size of driveway. What is currently being proposed is probably legal, but Jim and Sal have asked developer that they consider the residential nature of neighborhood.

Suggestion from Gay: Revisit neighborhood plan publicly so everyone knows what expectations are.
Also, perhaps pursue protection for historic trees? This to avoid what happened at Christ Presbyterian, where they took down trees without discussing it with neighbors. The clearing was done to use a grant, possibly from city staff who said it was very diseased. There will be a letter in the newsletter from the Church explaining why. Shrubs taken out had historic value, but church apparently wanted to clean up area.
Brian McCormick contacted church to let management know that it’s not all right to have a parking lot of that size without cover, but apparently the work was already underway.

Jim - what about a census of significant trees to publicize during garden walk? Gay - there are “Century Trees” designations for trees.

Gay wrote to church, included a poem that expressed personal sadness about the tree.
Jim: When Margaret attends a next meeting, talk with her about the tree census. Consider relating tree census to the neighborhood plan? Goal #4: Preserve residential nature of neighborhood in future develop. For next agenda, bring this back as it relates to neighborhood plan

Treasurer’s Report

$14,041.02 before spaghetti dinner and fundraiser
(see Gay’s report)

Next potluck:
January 22nd or 29th? How do dates match up with newsletter release?
Richard was concerned that with newsletter deadline, we wouldn’t be able to get the word out. Church thought 22nd was easier to arrange, but it’s up to us. To coincide with Board’s monthly meeting, it was decided to hold potluck on January 22nd. Newsletter deadline will work fine with 22nd.
Ken wondered if there are other articles for the newsletter. Jim has something in the works to share.


Yahara River Bridge: Ed shared a city drawing from the project team. they are vague - on details - look at agenda for public meeting on bridge design. This is our once in a lifetime opportunity for what we’d like to see. They can use form liner design (color concrete would be nicer) to make it look like stone. Boulder group showed that most of their most successful paths are wider to accommodate all traffic (peds, bikes etc) Not sure that city has thought through the path size - will 14 feet cut it, or should it be 20? TLNA should write a letter (Ed will circulate a draft) with suggestions. Ed said - better yet, residents can show up at the Steenslanad bridge design meeting December 3rd, which will be a regular board of Public Works. Some suggested that the neighborhood provide more input so the outcome isn’t like the Sherman bridge. Gay: How wide is convention center path? Probably 15 feet - isn’t really wide enough given traffic. Susan: Boulder paths are really nice as they accommodate room for fishing, etc. MNA has said that they are in favor of the Yahara River Master plan, which doesn’t take a specific position. We can decide what we want. Design to let sunlight in? Sandy - to what extent do we want to be more attractive to bring more people here? Mary - do we want to design ugly to avoid potential additional traffic. If it’s accessible, people will use it - could reduce car traffic. Ed - plan for potential for reasonable growth in the future. Boulder put areas off to the side so you can sit and enjoy the river. Look at pictures from Boulder slide show. Ed: affordable housing for diverse audience - wheelchairs, older adults. Susan: Ed, will you draft a letter for association? Ed will circulate a draft electronically. Susan - needs to be good signage, too.

Teena and Ed: Brownfields - Office of Planning Assistance made a presentation about a grant received to redevelop brownfields. Teena distributed map of Isthmus brownfields. City is reapplying this year - they are soliciting letters from business associations to strengthen the application. City would receive a $1 million revolving loan fund to make land more affordable for smaller developers. This, in turn, levels the playing field - makes land more affordable. The funds can be used for study and some remediation Example of how funds have been used: Marathon gas station site example. The Emerson East NA tried to pull off a deal where they would create development (bank, etc.) but it was derailed by brownfield clean up need. The site was developed as a drive-through coffee spot instead. City spent $50,000 on EENA proposal but it couldn’t happen because of brownfield issue. We have no staff in Madison, nor a program.
Jim: idea is to write letter of support, Teena and Ed: use Mike Summerfield letter and tweak it. Teena: Munz had a serious issue, also at Jim and Sal’s corner. Teena; motion to draft letter to support letter, second - Sandy. Motion passed.


Neighborhood planning grant: made 1st cut, grant was close to $3,500. Didn’t put in funding for printing because it probably won’t be done by this year. We can add these costs later. Need to match @ $1500 from neighborhood. So far Mary, Susan, Diane Rousos, Sal have volunteered. Others are welcome. Mary - city is supposedly updating zoning ordinance.

Downzoning: Jim and Sal - plan didn’t tie to neighborhood plan, so was rejected by folks at planning. Jim and Sal noted that certain stretches of neighborhood should be R3 or 4 in keeping with goals of neighborhood (owner occupied). Reason for upzoning to R5 in 70s aren’t valid anymore (when Lapham was closed). Plan has scattered site rental, which is desirable. Change in zoning would place some restrictions on what developers can do. They passed out the Proposed Zoning Change/Zoning Stabilization outline. Sent it to Brenda, may call Pete Olson to set up a meeting with Brenda, Pete. Gigi is also working on this, talking with a lawyer to assist.

Graffitti Reward Update: Sal will check with police, wrote letter to Luis to get his take on it, and to encourage them to take a stake in it. Will wait to act until he hears back.

Brenda couldn’t make it - Jim asked her to report on things happening at the council in writing

No report from Sgt. Dexheimer as he is with his sick mother.

Teena: Coffee shop will have new owners - In the Company of Thieves. Have done a fair amount of work. Fulll Circle Galleria looks great - reopening was well attended, they’re leasing out space to artists to help pay their rent. Shopping hints in Isthmus mentions Full Circle and Stone’s Throw. Trying to pull together a holiday open house; Teena, Kathy from Aardvark will wrap light poles. Sophia’s was in New York Times. She’s open Wednesday’s night, weekend breakfast.

New items: Mary - Madison Dairy. She drafted letter of interest to circulate among neighbors, suggests having some meetings to pull together a position with Brenda and police before meeting with Dairy.

Mary noted that there are other noise issues in the neighborhood (Jim mentioned busses). Mary thinks this will be resolved if handled properly. Hold meeting over holiday break, will clean up letter and send it to Jim and Sal. Have first meeting to see how far apart neighborhood meetings. 2nd meeting in January. Susan: important to talk to Lapham Principal Kristi Kloos, give her lots of time so she can check with Rainwater, PTG, etc. Mary has her on the list.

Transportation: Pat drafted a letter to follow up on earlier discussion with the mayor - handed it out. Brief synopsis on Dec 13 meeting on E. Wash.
Susan - thinks Mayor is open to these ideas, seems like now’s the time to act given construction schedules.
Needs to be traffic calming on cross streets between Johnson and Washington. Livingston, Paterson
Pat: Significant issue in east neighborhoods is speed right turns are taking - this is a problem in areas where new E. Wash reconstruction.

Jim - Jeanne Hoffman called him noting that meeting was good.

Sal: group report:

from Richard: 23 renewing members, 180 915 in dues
Jim: most neighbors east, north, Sauk Creek signed on polish it,
Jim: Thanks to Rob Latousik and Teena for reinstalling bike racks
Summary of next steps:
Margaret and Gay - trees
Ed - Dec meeting follow-up
remind about potluck
Everyone who has some to share, provide feedback to Pat about transportation plan
Susan moved to adjourn, Pat seconded
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

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