Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association CouncilMinutes


Present: Cheryl Wittke, Susan Baumann-Duren, Sandra Ward, Patrick McDonnell, MaryJo Schiavoni, Bob Shaw, Adam Cain, Carol Weidel, Carole Trone, Gigi Holland, David Waugh.
Guests: Ed Jepsen, Rick March, and Rebecca Grossberg

Call to order 7:35.
1. Minutes approved as distributed.

2. Neighborhood plan update

a. Suggestions were made as to consultants to lead the update
i. Burt Stitt
ii. Tim Anderson
b. Their CVs will be brought to our next meeting
c. General consensus was that an update is needed and wise, but that much of the former plan is still relevant

3. 800 block of E. Washington
a. David summarized the status (a hard copy of his comments was distributed)
b. Recommendations from David and other TLNA members were distributed
c. Consensus was to communicate to the developers
i. That we generally like the plan
ii. That the towers are too tall

4. E. Washington bridge and adjoining land
a. Underpass plans look quite different than original sketches that we saw
b. Motion to send a letter from TLNA to Cy Wydstrand seeking changes in plan. Moved by Carol Trone and seconded by Susan Bauman-Duren. All in favor.
c. Mary Jo is working with Parks to
i. Bury the power lines
ii. Create a floating dock on the West side of the Yahara (near Carl’s Paddlin’)

5. EnAct Team (Rick March and Rebecca Grossberg)
a. Starting up in TLNA
b. They are looking for participants
c. A new incarnation of the Ecoteams that were around a fe years ago
d. Rick will host a meeting at his house. He will publicize information about this in the next newsletter.
e. “Green gift” workshop from 9 to 12 noon at 25 N. Pinckney St.

Traffic committee report
800 Block of E. Washington report
EnAct flyer
Adjourn 9:05


-Sandy Ward, Secretary


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