There was no November Council Meeting


TLNA Council SpecialMeeting


December 1, 2005


Present:  JoeBrogan, Richard Linster, David Waugh, Sandy Ward, Gigi Holland, GayDavidson-Zielske, Patrick McDonnell, Sandy Ward, Bob Shaw, Mary Jo Schiavoni,Carol Trone, Cheryl Wittke (Chair).


Guests:  ChrisLaurent.


Purpose of this special meeting:  To consider whether TLNA should send a letter to the Mayorencouraging the city to continue discussions with Gorman & Companyregarding the development of the 800 block of East Washington Avenue.


Call to order at 6:30



I.              Overview of issues by Chris Laurent from Gorman & Company

a.    Gorman had a market analysis of the project conducted and theanalysis revealed an $8 million gap

b.    Gorman asked the city to fill that gap and the city declined,asking that Gorman come back with a phased proposal.

c.    Gorman has created a phased proposal that reduces the gap to$4.5

d.    Gorman would like this amount in TIF from the city

II.            Questions and comments

a.    Several Council members questioned why TIF is now needed tocomplete the project when such funding was not seen as necessary when theproject was first proposed.

b.    It was pointed out that the neighborhood has many needs thatcould be addressed by TIF funds rather than giving those funds to a developer.

c.    Several Council members spoke in support of the Gorman projectand the process by which the development plan evolved.

III.          Mary Jo Schiavoni moved and Gigi Holland seconded that we sendthe letter to the Mayor.  Themotion passed with 8 in favor and 4 opposed.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05

Minutes submitted by Sandra Ward


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