Tenney LaphamNeighborhood Association Council

November 1, 2006



Council Members Present:  David Waugh, Patrick McDonnell, Sandy Ward, Bob Sommerfeldt,Gigi Holland, Richard Linster, Richard Freihoefer Sean Gutknecht, GayDavidson-Zielske.


Guests: John Belknap                                                             



Call to order at 7:05   

  1. Introductions
  2. Minutes of September approved unanimously.
  3. Old business
    1. Pat attached to the agenda the August request from Planning and Development for input on their reorganization.  Given the deadline is passed we decided to give none.
    2. TLNA will support the attendance of 4 (Sean, Joe, Cheryl, and David) at the Nov. 11th Neighborhood Conference at Monona Terrace.
  4. Local Historic District designations
    1. Gigi, Diane and Pat met with Kitty Rankin (City Planning) to learn how to accomplish the goal of having our two national districts become local districts too.
    2. This goal has been around at least since the last neighborhood plan was written.
    3. The key to success is Alder participation and backing.
    4. An ad hoc committee of the TLNA will carry out the process which includes

                                                    i.     Holdingpublic sessions.

                                                     ii.     Draftingmaterials that will become part of the ordinance.

    1. The ad hoc committee will be

                                                    i.     Gigi

                                                     ii.     Diane

                                                       iii.     BobSommerfeldt

                                                       iv.     Suggestedadditional members are

1.    Joe Lusson (Gigi will invite him)

2.    Jim Roper (Bob will invite him).

                                                     v.     Patwill send an email via Yahoo to invite others to join in this effort.

  1. Well 3 water
    1. John Belknap came to this meeting to address this issue
    2. John asked that we (TLNA) ask that Brenda set up a session for the Water Utility to update the neighborhood about the well situation. The Council agreed with this approach.  Pat will contact Brenda.
    3. David will see if he can find someone to join the meeting to provide education about water health and safety issues.
    4. This topic will be on the December agenda so that we can see if progress is being made on keeping the neighborhood informed.
  2. East Washington BUILD and TLNA Neighborhood Plan
    1. At the final BUILD meeting all of the amendments recommended by City Planning Staff were adopted.
    2. The BUILD plan now will go through a series of committee hearings before being considered for adoption by the City Council.
    3. A discussion ensued about height and design issues.  Note that the BUILD and the TLNA Neighborhood Plan are in sync about all issues except the heights on three blocks where BUILD wants a max of 12 and TLNA wants a max of 8.
    4. As to the Neighborhood Plan, the city is preparing the draft resolution for adoption by the city.  They will run it by us before sending it to the City Council.
  3. EINPC
    1. EINPC wishes to lead a group interested in development issues.
    2. Sean will consider taking over as the TLNA representative to EINPC.
  4. Friends of Central Park
    1. Gay volunteered to be the TLNA representative to this group.
    2. Gay was asked to consider suggesting a neighborhood Dog Show as an event for Central Park.
  5. Committee reports
    1. Housing

                                                    i.     RentalReborn will be June 10, 2006.  Fourhouses in TLNA are solidly lined up.

  1. Future meetings and issues
    1. Review TLNA budget expenditures for 2006 – Nancy.
    2. New TLNA budget for 2007 – Nancy.
    3. Protocol for new development projects – Diane.
    4. Have the housing inspector come to a meeting to update us on inspections.
    5. 205 N. Ingersoll seems to be abandoned.
    6. Daniel and Beth helped in the kitchen at the spaghetti dinner.  He plays Santa and wonders if we could use him in some way.
    7. Gay may want to revive the idea of the “welcome” bags that we distributed


Adjourned by consensus at 8:45


Minutes submitted by Sandy Ward


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